Name of Product: Ninja ZX-10R/RR

Eligible Units: 140 no’s

Eligible Frame Number: VIN NO.: JKAZXT00S$A000783 to JKAZXT00S$A14446

Started from: 09th Feb. 2018

Hazard: On eligible units, the rigidity of the gear in transmission is not sufficient so that the rim of the gear might be broken by excessive impact force depending on the shifting manner in use.

Description: The recall involves 2016-2018 model year Ninja ZX-10R/RR vehicles.

Remedy: Replacing some gears with countermeasure gears at Authorized Kawasaki Service Shop

Consumer Contact: Kawasaki Authorized Dealers nearby or Kawasaki toll-free call 1800-2660-365, time: from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


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